New interview with Garret

garret dillahunt, has a new interview with Garret, mostly about Paloma. Hit the link to read the whole article.

Given your busy schedule, how did you get involved with “Paloma”?
Garret Dillahunt: I guess they just called. I don’t know if they went through other people [for the role] or if I was always on their mind, but [writer/director] Julia [Stiles] and I were supposed to do a movie together that sort of fell apart the previous summer, so maybe it was an effort to make up for that. But it was a nice phone call to get.

I wanted to work with Julia. I wanted to help her if she needed help. I don’t mean she did need help, but if she was going to do this project, it was like, “I’d love to help you do that.” I like to stay busy, and you’re always looking to do things differently than the last thing you did. When I’m in my hiatus, it was perfect.

Were you familiar with WIGS before you signed on?
GD: I wasn’t real familiar with WIGS, but I did know “Blue” that Julia had acted in for WIGS. So I was familiar it was out there. But I didn’t know the ambitiousness of their effort… it’s an exciting new venue [in new media]. A lot of this stuff keeps happening. A very viable place for us to do what we do.