New interview and new Looper trailer

Stars Entertainment has a new interview with Garret. He talks about Talhotblond, Looper, and Raising Hope. Snippet (starting with Talhotblond):

“I think it’s pretty good. A lot of people didn’t want to watch at first because its a Lifetime movie. Things are as good as you make them. This was a really good stretch as a character. I had to transform myself as a completely different person and I enjoyed that. Courteney is great. She has great attention to deal. She works her ass off on this. She can direct me anytime. I really think she was great.”

He has also five other films in various stages of production, including Looper which will be released in September as well, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt. “It’s such a great cast. I got to stop saying how lucky I am. There’s got to be a reason why I keep working with these great people. I am honoured to be part of this. I got to work with Joseph and Emily almost exclusively. I couldn’t ask for better co-stars. I wish I was that together when I was that young.”

With all this action, and comedy, the missing piece to Dillahunt’s career is a musical. “I think that would be a good challenge. I did a play one time in New York about country music in Missouri. I was the nasty Nashville influence taking over. The feeling of being in front of a band with a guitar is a really nice feeling.”

And the full U.S. trailer for Looper was released today. It looks awesome: