New interviews and Raising Hope sneak peeks

garret dillahunt,raising hope,gambling againRaising Hope 2×12, “Gambling Again,” airs tonight at 9:30 pm. Synopsis:

Burt becomes obsessed with gambling when he believes he can reclaim all the items he lost when he bet away all the Chance’s belongings nearly 20 years ago. Worried about his bad habit reemerging, Virginia and Jimmy try to intervene but soon get swept up in the betting frenzy and develop their own gambling habit. But their luck begins to run out when they miss Shelley’s staged play written by Sabrina and starring Hope as the lead.

If the press release is anything to go by, Dale Dickey from Winter’s Bone guest stars.

I’ve added pages for the next two episodes: 2×13 Tarot Cards (with pics), 2×14 Jimmy’s Fake Girlfriend. And I’ll get to that movie too one of these days.

Three sneak peeks from tonight’s episode are embedded below. Before that, a couple of interviews showed up since the last update. The first one is from KTLA (via It aired before “Mrs. Smartypants,” but was posted online a bit later.

The second one is with Garret and Martha, and with some other familiar faces previewing what’s coming up on their shows.

And those sneak peeks: