New interview and Raising Hope BTS photos

garret dillahunt,sean bridgers,raising hopeRaising Hope is on a break until Nov. 1, so no new previews this week, but there is a bunch of new behind-the-scenes pics from the last couple of episodes on the show’s official Facebook page. You can find them here: “Kidnapped,” “Henderson, Nevada.”

Entertainment Weekly posted a bunch of new Raising Hope cast portraits last week.

And Yakima Herald has a recent interview with Garret. Snippet below, hit the link for the rest.

The cast and writers have grown to know each other’s capabilities and how to exploit them, he says.

“The plus side is you do kind of get comfortable,” Dillahunt says. “The challenge is to keep going deeper. One of the great things about series TV is you get to explore the character and his world much deeper. … The cast as a whole has brought more to it than might have been expected or hoped for. What’s great about this team of writers is that just makes them lick their chops.”