Raising Hope is back tonight – new interview

The New York Post has a hilarious new interview with Garret here. Snippets:

PW: OK, no singing tonight — what can we expect? I saw Burt in a tie? Don’t tell me he’s given in to “the man.”
Garret: No, it’s kind of like the Thanksgiving episode – Jimmy makes a new friend and we have to meet his family, which we don’t want to do because they’re rich. So we get all gussied up and that’s as fancy as Burt gets. It turns out better than we thought it would, but in general we just feel bad about ourselves.

PW: What else are you looking forward to fans seeing?
Garret: There’s an episode that I can’t wait to see [airing Feb 15] where, because of the baby, we all become very aware of the filth in the house. So we get a black light and the place is just aglow. It’s pretty scary. We go on this epic cleaning spree and Virginia finds some old movies that are very heartwarming. We watch them in the backyard and it’s one of those parties that even the best planner in the world couldn’t have choreographed it to be as moving as it is. You really sense that this is a family.

And just a reminder that the show is back tonight with a new episode, “Romeo & Romeo,” which airs at 9 pm on Fox. Here is the promo that aired during Super Bowl:

And a slightly different version of the Game On spot: