Pictures from Raising Hope 1×11, “Toy Story”

raising hope,christmas,garret dillahunt,cloris leachman

Fox has released the promotional stills for Raising Hope 1×11, “Toy Story.” The episode airs on December 7. Here is the synopsis:

When Jimmy was a kid, every year Burt would get the season’s hottest toy and sell them off for money, leaving Jimmy disappointed and without the coolest toys. This year, Burt lets Jimmy in on his scheme, but Jimmy makes him promise to save one toy for Hope. Meanwhile, Virginia signs up the family to participate in the church’s living nativity scene in order to gain respect from the church members.

Examiner has a couple of quotes from Garret about the Thanksgiving episode (“Meet the Grandparents“) and the Christmas episode (“Toy Story,” I’m guessing):

“It puts on display those horrible holidays or evenings we all have that just sort of vary. Like just sort of ‘Remember that one time…’?” Dillahunt continued. (…)

In other words, Hope’s other grandparents may not fare as well. After all, Dillahunt did share that they won’t be back come Christmas time. Instead, the celebration is left up to the Chances. Will they set a tree on fire or forget to buy the baby presents or something a little less wacky?

“Virginia gets to sing again,” Dillahunt previewed. “We fancy ourselves [a musical family], but I don’t know if we’re actually any good!”

raising hope,christmas episode,garret dillahunt,lucas neff,shannon woodward,martha plimpton

garret dillahunt,raising hope,christmas episode,shannon woodward

garret dillahunt,martha plimpton,christmas,raising hope

raising hope, christmas episode,lucas neff

martha plimpton,raising hope,christmas episode