Site stats for 2009

I’m posting the site statistics for 2009, mostly just for personal reference and for anyone who is curious about these things, so if you’re looking for news, you won’t be missing out on anything if you skip this post.

In 2009, the site had 43,103 page views from 14,442 visitors from 108 countries. The greatest number of people were from the U.S. (49,35%), followed by Canada (9%), the U.K. (6,7%), Germany (3,17%), Sweden (2,7%), Australia, France and Spain. Here is how it looks across the continents:

And these are traffic stats from March 2009, when the domain went live, to the end of the year:

It’s still peanuts compared to the traffic Garret’s page on Wikipedia gets at #3 in Google, but the traffic has been growing steadily and for the most part independently of the general search trends.

If anyone is curious about the general trends (number of people looking Garret up), here are the Wikipedia traffic stats from December 2007 to December 2009 (click to enlarge):

For reference, #1 in Google gets five times as many hits as #3 on average (probably more when it comes to actors), but since IMDb isn’t releasing the traffic stats for individual pages any time soon, Wikipedia will have to do.

On December 31, 2009, the site had 182 posts and 206 pages.

Finally, here are the top 50 of the 2,817 search terms that led people to the site in 2009. Happy to say, most of them are relevant and Sharif Atkins never made the list, even though in the first half of the year there were enough people looking for him for me to consider adding an honorary page. I still might.