Terminator preview: Today Is the Day, Part One

Here is a quick look at John Henry (AWOL from the show for a month now) in tonight’s episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, “Today Is the Day, Part One,” from the Terminator blog:

The episode was written by Zack Stentz (who posted an entry on the official blog earlier today) and Ashley Miller. Guest stars include Busy Philipps as Kacy, Chad Coleman as Queeg, Erin Fleming as Goodnow, and Yuri Lowenthal as Garvin.

The synopsis says:

As Jesse struggles to recover following her brutal fight with Riley she flashes back to 2011, where in the underground Resistance she was chosen for a life-altering mission aboard a small submarine. Back in the present, Sarah and John (unaware of Riley’s murder) decide to move out of the house. They debate whether or not to bring Cameron with them as the rift between all of them, started by Riley and Jesse in the first place, begins to widen even more.

The show airs tonight at 8PM/9PMc on Fox.