New interview with Sara Paxton

Canadian film site MoviesOnline has a lengthy new interview with Sara Paxton. To read it, click here. A few quotes about Garret after the jump.

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Q: You and Garret have worked together before, did that help knowing what scenes you would have to do on this together?

SARA PAXTON: Definitely. Garret and I met a couple of years ago. I was about 15 and I was doing a pilot called “Mr. Ed,” a remake of the original television show. I got along really well with Garret on that set, so when I heard that he was going to be playing Krug, I was honestly so relieved because all I could keep thinking was, “Who’s going to be playing Krug?” You know, some actors don’t want to form a relationship. If they have to hate you on screen, they want to not get to know you in real life. So, I was nervous about that and trusting the person. When I knew it was Garret, he’s so unlike Krug, he’s so gentle and sweet and thoughtful and so I knew we weren’t going to have a problem communicating and really going full force on that scene. I didn’t want us to hold anything back. You can’t. Otherwise it’s not realistic.

Q: What are the actor discussions you have when you’re staging a graphic scene like that?

SARA PAXTON: Dennis (Iliadis) was really great because he really cared about the actors. We had this lengthy rehearsal process for two weeks before actually stepping foot on the set for the first time and that was just mainly to sit around as a team and go over the script, figure out your character, and go scene by scene. We played out the physicality of the scene so that on the day I didn’t need to think about it. I already knew what I was going to be doing. All I had to worry about was my head space and the emotional aspect that day.

Q: Were you concerned who was going to play Krug because of the script or because of the source material?

SARA PAXTON: Because I’d read the script and I knew the scene. I just feel to really get the full performance and for me to really let go, I needed to trust the people I was working with and feel protected and that’s what happened. I think I ended up being able to open up more and do things I hadn’t even planned on being able to do because I had really bonded with the cast so much.

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Q: Did you ever tease Garret on the set about being Jesus and how he’s fallen from grace?

SARA PAXTON: No, I’ve called him Sharpie eyebrows because…

Q: You called him what?

SARA PAXTON: Sharpie eyebrows because they would dye his eyebrows and it just looked so funny. You’re like Sharpie eyebrows. (Laughs)

Q: Oh, it looks like they’re drawn on by a Sharpie. I get it.

SARA PAXTON: Yeah. Because he’s blonde. He’s so fair. When we started filming, he had the beard, he had the hair that he’d been growing out but it wasn’t black, and then Dennis made the decision, let’s go black, let’s make him scary. So, the first day after they’d dyed it, it just looked like “Eerk! Eerk!” (sounds of eyebrows being drawn on by a Sharpie) I definitely made fun of him for that. Oh my gosh! It’s so funny because that day of the assault scene, it’s such a touchy subject because it was so emotional and of course, so horrific, but at the same time as I’m looking back on it, there are moments when I just had to laugh because we had to wear these little nude patches on our private parts and I’m just envisioning Garret getting glued on and I’m standing there and the make-up woman is gluing it on to his groin and I’m like if anyone knew and saw this right now, they’d be like “Oh gosh!”

Q: It’s called acting!

SARA PAXTON: Acting. Yeah. It’s so glamorous.