Terminator – from the Wondercon panel

Josh Friedman, Summer Glau and Shirley Manson were at Wondercon over the weekend to talk about The Sarah Connor Chronicles and io9’s Charlie Jane Anders (best T:SCC reviewer ever) has a report on what was shown in the clip reel from the last six episodes as well as some general stuff about the show, e.g. the reason why “Desert Cantos” sucked and something about the last three episodes being among the top four this season.

For the full report and all the spoilers, head over to io9.com.

Here is the part that involves John Henry (highlight to read):

We saw Savannah, Catherine Weaver’s daughter skipping and playing hopscotch in ominous gray tunnels, until she comes upon the mysterious room where the artificial intelligence John Henry is. “Would you like to play hide and seek?” John Henry says. Later on, Ellison is demanding to know where Savannah is, and John Henry won’t answer. John Henry asks Catherine Weaver what would happen if people knew she wasn’t Savannah’s real mother, and Catherine asks if she’s being threatened.

Ellison is telling Catherine he’s sorry, and she says he should be. And then John Connor is decking Ellison and yelling that he’ll kill him. And Sarah meets Jesse, but doesn’t seem to know who she is. And Sarah meets Catherine Weaver(!).