Burning Bright – more info, from Briana Evigan

Briana Evigan talked to Bloody-Disgusting.com about her role in Burning Bright. A few snippets below.

About the setup:

“She can’t go outside, and the tiger’s in the house, how long can she hide from it? She [also has] the autistic brother that’s just as bad as the tiger. He doesn’t respond to her, he makes noise, he yells, he wants to pet the tiger. She has three major obstacles to get around, it’s like, how can it be worse? It’s such a simple concept and that’s what I really loved about it when I read it.”

About the film’s rating:

“It is very suspenseful, it’s not gory. There are a couple of little things that happen with myself and the tiger…but nothing extreme. It’s definitely not a gory movie. I think they’re actually going for a PG-13.”

About the step dad (Garret’s character):

“The step dad has a ranch of animals. It’s a beautiful house they chose to film out and he has other animals there like alligators and orangutans, all different types of animals . He gets the tiger as an investment. The whole family is miserable, the step dad has the responsibility of my character and my brother, and that is because the mom has killed herself. It puts a damper on the family; it’s a whole new way of living. I would say from my perspective of my character that the step dad is trying to kill us so he has nothing else to worry about. He can move on, be done and blame it on the animal – blame it on whatever he wants, move on and get his life back.”