Josh Friedman about Terminator ratings and the rest of the season

Josh Friedman has addressed some hot topics in the Terminator fandom in a lengthy new entry on the Terminator blog: the show’s ratings in the last two weeks, the promos Fox is airing to promote T:SCC and Dollhouse, and the creative direction of the show this season.

He also made some hints as to what to expect in the remaining episodes, to address some of the speculation that’s been going around lately:

I get the sense that you want answers. You’ve got enough plant, you’re looking for payoff. I get that. And so will you.

So here are my campaign promises. And because I’ve already shot the episodes, I know they’re promises I’ll be keeping… by the end of the season you will see/know:

–the resolution of the Riley story
–the resolution of the Jesse story
–a future story about Jesse’s Terminator–piloted nuclear submarine explaining how Jesse got to be how she got to be and how it relates to John Connor’s present and future
–the return of Cameron’s glitch in new and deadly ways
–much more Jameron (for those of you who like it)
–not too much Jameron (for those of you who don’t)
–an explanation of the three-dots
–Catherine Weaver’s backstory/origin story
–Savannah in mortal danger
–the revelation of Catherine Weaver’s exact mission
–a fight between Catherine Weaver and another Terminator
–a faceoff between Sarah Connor and Catherine Weaver
–a deadly attack on the Connors by agents of Skynet
–the death of a loved one
–the death of a loved one
–the death of a loved one

And some big things I won’t reveal. Hate spoilers.

Thanks for reading, thanks for watching, thanks for caring, thanks for hating.

To read the full entry, head over to the official blog.