More from the Last House screening

An excerpt from another report from the Last House screening the other day:

The newest incarnation of Last House is simply a better made film than the original, yet it also lacks some of the raw and undeniable power of the original. Garret Dillahunt brings to a modern day Krug, a quiet storm that is waiting to explode. Mr. Dillahunt comes from theatre and it certainly shows in his performance. His previous work including NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD and “Deadwood” seem to pushing him into a strong and respected actor. He was attracted to Last House for many reasons, “It’s such a great character. Such a great story and for me, it’s all about story. And part of this story is there has to be a bad guy and he has to be significant. You know, he has to be a real force for these people to deal with.” And truly, his force here has a strong, subtle and emotional edge.

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